Well-being and
values training


We believe it’s essential to create space within the working environment to reflect, filter and assimilate – providing a healthier workforce, increased social cohesion, communication, productivity and resolution of conflict.


Gwylan delivers corporate training for the working environment to address the 30 billion hours of productivity in the UK lost, due to stress, each year. In addition, we know that a values-driven business facilitates qualitative and quantitative growth and greater interaction.

You know what’s best

  • We provide bespoke packages to enrich well-being in your business.
  • We offer a range of innovative interventions that support companies’ well-being and will support the nature of your business, providing stress relief, increased harmony and adding value to staff and professional relationships.
  • We believe you know your company best so please feel free to contact us to discuss your well-being requirements.

Honouring Values

We believe passionately in offering space to explore company and individual values, which can provide a more harmonious industry. In our experience a connected workforce promotes outstanding health for the business and society as a whole.