“Nobody is judging because everyone is listening.”

 Futureworks learner – Ceridigion

What is Well-being Matters?

This inspirational six-week course follows the findings of the NEF Five Ways to Wellbeing: encouraging people to connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give.



  • Well-being Matters is aimed at post 16 learners but is transferable to all ages
  • Well-being Matters is unique and person-centered, designed to enable the advancement of personal well-being
  • Focuses on positive social change and the effects we can have on the well-being of the person and health of the planet

“The sessions always make me feel very positive and happy.”

Futureworks learner – Pembrokeshire

What happens on the course?

Students explore well being, delivered by passionate people who are experienced teachers and yoga practitioners; qualified in philosophy and social care.

This fun, innovative programme increases physical and mental health, raising self-esteem and confidence.  The programme is cross-generational and much time is spent developing transferable skills to enable successful employment experiences, inclusion and aspiration through effective interaction within the community.

Our providers create a safe, healthy and non- judgmental environment to…

  • Explore the deeper questions about well-being and the modern world through philosophy
  • Nurture confidence in oneself and the world we live in through yoga and well-being
  • Connect effectively within the community; understanding well-being is as much a value as it is an economic necessity
  • Reawaken creativity through art, music and poetry
  • Experience the joys of storytelling and the wonders of creative writing
  • Create a deeper understanding of self and an awareness of our greater role in society

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