Calm this Winter

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5 well-being ideas to tap into the calm of winter!!!

At Gwylan we love the changing season, the colours, the freshness, smell and time to cuddle/cwtch up around a fire, feeling gratitude for our friends, carers, and family.

We feel the classroom is a beautiful space of constant change. Happy faces, sharing ideas and finding solutions to help us all unite in our learning journey.  What better way to enter into autumn than to add little points of calmness into the school day, celebrating the power of the moment.

Here we have put together our top tips to include simple techniques that will enhance the well-being of the classroom.


Take a moment…

Listen intently, taking a quiet moment to focus on the sounds around,  the wind, migrating birds, rain the rustle of a falling leaf.  Regular breaks to focus on the here and now can have a profound effect on your overall well-being.


Turn to a friend and ask how they are feeling today: connecting with each other creates cohesion and harmony within the classroom.


Do something for others – Collect a food parcel as a class project and present it to a local food bank.

Keep active…

Stand up, stamp your feet, clap your hands, wiggle out and laugh. When you feel warmed up: stand tall, eyes closed… pause and check in how you feel.

Keep learning… 

Try out this game as a class and find out something new about your friends.  One person goes to the front of the class and offers two unknown facts to the class – one true and one false.  The aim of the class is to guess the true fact about the person.

It’s so much fun to learn something new about a person you thought you already knew!!