Professional Development Training 

At Gwylan we also provide on-going professional development dedicated to both the school’s well-being and individual’s experiences.

These personal and informative sessions will provide staff members with the latest and innovative tools to increase well-being in themselves, others, pupils and the wider community.

We’re delighted to announce the latest training: 


Gd01 – Enriching your well-being approach

Explore how you can enrich, evaluate and monitor well-being in the classroom, outdoor learning and community. This inspiring and informative session will support your own relationship as well as the schools.


Gd02 – Behaviour management and well-being

Tools that will enhance the well-being as well as behaviour in the classroom and whole school.


Gd03- The Power of the Pause in Education

In an increasingly distracting and over-stimulating world, we’ve designed an engaging and achievable session that explores the value of taking the pause and raises confidence in doing so!  The world of work can be an anxious place – taking a pause in this fluid environment is becoming increasingly important.

Through various activities, we will demonstrate how to deepen cohesion, improve productivity and focus.  A valuable life-skill for pupils, parents and teacher alike.  


Gd04 – Staff well-being day 

At Gwylan we’re passionate about the importance of teachers’ well-being and this is paramount in a healthy school. We have therefore designed an evidence-based program to explore individual well-being in a gentle and inclusive manner with no expectations.  

We incorporate creative arts, yoga, and philosophy into the training programs.  We aim to offer fun and balanced sessions.  Sit back, enjoy and let us create that space for you to take a moment to focus on yourself.


All sessions include an inclusive yoga session based on gentle movement and relaxation. 


Gwylan’s Quality assurance

All the training is designed for teachers, support staff and parents.  Supporting the well-being of the whole school and community. We pride ourself on delivery by teachers for teachers with over 20 years experience in education. Click here for further details.