“These sessions have improved concentration skills, foster resilience and encourage pupils to engage with learning.”    

           Estyn, May 2018.


Our training provides resources which will enable practitioners to create reflection points and use yoga techniques within the confines of a structured space and timetable.

This course is uniquely designed, not to make you into Yoga Teachers, but to help you use yoga techniques, which will impact on the well-being of the whole school.


PausePoints can also be used in whole-school settings, such as assembly, within PE lessons and small group sessions, supporting healthy lifestyles.

What happens on the day:

  • You will have already received your personalized banner, which helps to launch your PausePoints journey and celebrate this event with your local community.
  • Our training team will arrive at the start of the school day. They will demonstrate PausePoints to each class, in turn.
  • At the end of the school day, the team will lead a twilight session for all staff. Staff will be familiarised with the digital resources and shown how to use them in the classroom. They will be given handbooks explaining the benefits of PausePoints and also Guidance materials.
  • There will a short well being session for staff before the end of the day.


Absolutely no previous yoga experience is required…

  • PausePoints is appropriate for classroom teachers, admin staff, LSAs, Lunchtime supervisors, parents, and volunteers.

Teachers already know how to teach new skills. Teachers are natural at enthusing and building good relationships with others. This is why we guarantee that you will see changes.