Pilot for the whole community

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We are delighted to announce that our friends at Seaview Primary School are piloting a new and innovative PausePoints program.  PausePoints will not only be available in the school, the team will deliver a specialised program for parents.

This calming resource, using the framework of yoga, will support further well being in the school. Children will take home these new and lifelong skills to parents and friends in the community.  Children, teachers and parents will experience 6-12 minutes of mindful movement, breath breaks and relaxation in the classroom and the home.  This collaboration will unite, recharge and reconnect, using the NEF evidence based ‘five ways to well being’ to promote and empower healthy communities.

Yoga has been linked to the latest research in well being, with more and more evidence suggesting breaks in the day, particularly with movement, has long term effects in regards to concentration, productivity and overall physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


The Gwylan team are excited to meet the school and parents/guardians in the coming months and wish to thank Seaview Primary School, NUT Cymru, Prospect and PCS Cymru for making this worthwhile and exciting collaboration possible.

To explore how PausePoints can be easily incorporated into your wellbeing agenda, click here to contact us today.