Estyn – Excellent Practice

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We’re over the moon to see that Estyn has recognised the benefits of yoga as a result of a recent visit and inspection.

We’re also really pleased for the team at Y G Brynsierfel – that all their passion, determination and good practice has been acknowledged in their outstanding inspection report.

For GwylanUK it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the team. We could see, from the start of our relationship, that wellbeing is at the heart of everything they do. PausePoints complimented the good practice already taking place in the school and the community.

“These sessions have improved concentration skills, foster resilience and encourage pupils to engage with learning.”  


Here is an excerpt from the Estyn website… 

Context and background to the effective or innovative practice:

The school places a strong emphasis on emotional wellbeing and security, considers the feelings of pupils throughout the school daily and responds to any concerns immediately.  In order to raise standards of behaviour throughout the school and improve concentration skills, good practice was observed in terms of yoga in a primary school in the county of Swansea.  As a result of this visit, one-day training was organised for pupils, staff, governors and parents on yoga.  The project was funded through a grant

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