About Us

Introduction and Company Overview

Gwylan was inspired by a sense of caring and compassion for society and was co-created by Peter Kay and John Likeman.  The team have a considerable range and depth of experience in working with people of all ages in a variety of demographics.

Evidence increasingly shows that embracing well-being impacts positively in our diverse society.  Children learn better when they are at ease and productivity increases when workers are at peace with themselves and their work.

We are committed to sharing everything that we have learnt and developed over the years: we believe that this fundamentally supports our intention to catalyse a meaningful shift in the field of social change.

Meet the Team

Peter Kay has years of experience in working in all areas of society.  He is passionate about the benefits of Yoga for all and has taught in schools in India and the UK.

Peter trained in this practical & holistic practice at the yoga satsanga ashram, completing further training in yoga for children and teenagers. Peter is passionate about the impact of well-being in today’s society and has been involved in diverse, highly successful, national projects, which have made real differences to many people: such as in schools, youth work and for the NHS and community projects.

John Likeman has decades of teaching experience from ages three to adult.  He has worked as a successful primary school practitioner and his leadership and effectiveness has been graded as sector leading.  John has worked constantly in an advisory capacity for the Welsh Government, published educational materials and featured in BBC documentaries entitled ‘Aiming for Excellence’.

John has worked for CRIPSAT and TLC as a consultant and lectures in education for the University of Wales.  John was recently made a fellow at Oxford University in 2015 and has produced a training video and manual in order to help schools develop their values across the UK.  John is passionate about building cohesive societies and making the world a better place.

Simon Johns has extensive experience in education. He has worked across different cultures learning innovative techniques to promote well-being and lifestyle choices.

Simon graduated in Psychology from Swansea University and specialized in behavioral and evolutionary studies. Simon has worked with children and families to improve their relationships and optimize their education.

Simon has worked, studied and traveled across South America working with indigenous societies and learning about holistic medicinal techniques.   He has a keen interest in health and well-being and is keen to use this interest to make a positive difference in the world.

Siân Melangell Dafydd is a writer and yoga teacher.

She has been including yoga in her daily life for twenty years. She found that by improving her breathing, creativity came from a different place; by calming the mind and body, she became a more innovative version of herself. These skills can be learned by anybody. She is passionate about sharing moments of joy and creative freedom with people of all ages in her classes. She has taught poets in India, France and Portugal, in muddy fields at the National Eisteddfod for all ages and abilities, family classes for all generations together, woodland retreats, mountain retreats, city meditations and classes for children all over Wales as an invited poet/yogini and through Pause Points (Saib a Symud) among other things.  For more information about her writing and collaborative work, click here.

Dewi Roberts has worked in the Welsh-medium education sector for 35 years. He started his career in the primary sector as a teacher and then a headteacher. From 1995 to 2012, he held two separate posts at the University of Liverpool, developing national test material in science for England and Wales and thinking skills activities for Welsh Government. At other times during his career, he has worked on projects for Welsh Government and a number of local authorities in Wales, Aberystwyth University, Tinopolis Interactive, Welsh Arts Council, BBC and Techniquest. He has also worked on education projects in China and in Thailand.

He is currently a partner in Think Learn Challenge, an education consultancy business based in Caerffili.

Dewi is passionate about Gwylanuk’s work with schools in Wales and is their translator and Welsh-medium advisor.

The Five Gwylan Values

They are our foundation; the solid base to who we are – like the nest in the cliff: a haven at the heart of community!

Freedom, Creativity, Togetherness, Kindness, Responsibility to self and others.

These values are the foundation of our existence and our approach to well-being. Our Five values are our beacon and have been guiding ‘Gwylan’ throughout our journey.

We believe everyone has the freedom to fly high, and every day, we do our best to put our values into action through our work and our relationships with our customers, business partners, communities and each other.