Saib a Symud – Heno

PausePoints is now available in Welsh.  Saib a Symud has been taken to new heights through Siân’s linguistic and pedagogical expertise.  Siân is passionate about the benefits of yoga in all areas of society.  To find out more about Siân’s incredible work and to see how Saib a Symud can raise standards in children’s oracy and well-being contact us on or download the free information booklet here

Press here for more information on Siân.

Mae Saib a Symud nawr ar gael yn Gymraeg, wedi ei fireinio gan arbennigedd ieithyddol a phedagogaidd Siân. Teimlai’n gryf am fanteision ioga ym mhob agwedd a rhan o gymdeithas. I ddarganfod mwy am waith anghygoel Siân ac i weld sut gall Saib a Symud godi safonau llafaredd plant (a’u iechyd a lles), cysylltwch â ni ar neu lawrlwytho llyfryn gwybodaeth yma.

Pwyswch yma am fwy o wybodaeth am Siân.

Sand Circles

Celebratory Circles

One of the important and fundamental strengths of Gwylan are our partners, friends and family and we are truly grateful for all the support and friendship they offer throughout our journey.

As a thank you, we organised a winter gathering on Tenby beach and were delighted that our good friend Marc Trenor treated us all to a labyrinth sand art, commisioned on the scenic, Tenby North beach.


The day was windy and wet but we were treated to a lovely day outside in the elements, the children kept themselves by amused by digging holes in the beach, learning new ways and techniques to create sand art with their own enthusiasm and innocence.

The adults enjoyed a warm mulled drink and mince pies while the more adventurous of the group took to sculpting the art on the beach, using Marc’s rakes and expertise to design an amazing and interactive 60 ft labyrinth.

We had a splendid time and all said that it was an enjoyable outing to the beach.  It was also lovely to connect with friends, taking a moment out to appreciate the art and the splendid surroundings of South Pembrokeshire.

Happy new year

We would like to thank, Clare, Joseph, Anna and Sarah, Ray, Marc, Alex, Tenzin, Orion, Ken, Jenny, Mandy, Mohamed, Thoms and family, Andy, his wife and Joelle.  You all made it such a special memory and we wish you all the best for 2018 and thank you for your overwhelming support over 2017.



Futureworks – Swansea visit

Futureworks Engagement learners from Cardigan Visit Swansea for Enterprise and Education

Article by Janice Davies – Futureworks

Futureworks Engagement Learners wth John and Peter from Gwylan and Janice, visited Swansea on December 14th 2017. A buffet lunch had been arranged at Tinos Restaurant and bar, which was an amazing experience for all concerned. Tino the owner of the Restaurant, came to speak to learners about her Entrepreneurship and starting her own business. Tino had previously completed her degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Learners were Inspired by Tino’s story, and took notice when she stated:

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something… because You CAN!!”

Cardigan students asked Tino if it would be possible to pack up the excess food left from the buffet. Tino was thrilled to provide boxes for this. Janice from Futureworks and Peter from Gwylan handed out boxes from the learners to homeless adults in Swansea city centre – who were thrilled and thanked the students for their generosity.

University of Swansea visit

All proceeded to the University of Swansea, where a visit had been arranged to the Egyptology department. Students were awed at the campus, its facilities, and proximity to town.

Students were thrilled at the Egypt centre and were fascinated by displays and great delight was had by all learners, and was quite inspirational too… some asked…

“What would I have to do to come and study Egyptology here!!!!”

Futureworks – Kindness

At the beginning of December 2017, learners took part in a Challenge with Gwylan Well-being matters programme, to prepare, paint and then write inspirational quotes on rocks.

Article by Janice Davies – Futureworks

What is The Kindness Rocks Project…?

Goal #1: Inspire others through randomly placed rocks along the way…

Goal #2: Recruit every person who stumbles upon it to join in the pursuit of inspiring others through random acts of kindness

Learners were encouraged to write what they felt and thought on the stones….

Ceredigion learners were totally immersed in the “Kindness Rocks Project”

Quotes from our 16-19 year old learners included:-

“You are not Alone”, “Live Life to The Fullest”, “ Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and think of what can go right”, and “Every moment is as unique as the last”.

As a group Cardigan students felt it would be nice to place the rocks in Cardigan Castle grounds, however, on placing the rocks on view to the public at the office in St Mary’s Street, they were overwhelmed by the reaction of the general public, who stopped and discussed the “Inspirational quotes”. The kindness rocks have been placed in Future works office window for general public to see as they pass.

One learner stated on completion of the Kindness Rocks challenge:

“Everything you do and say has a positive or negative effect, my aim is to try and say and do positive things, and so create positive reactions!”