Random Acts Of Kindness

Rocks with a kind message

The busy learners at Future Works have been involved in providing the county with inspirational words on rocks inspired by the kindnessrocksproject.  The rocks will form part of the amazing labyrinth at Scolton Manor.  The community can take an inspirational rock and take it on the journey, receiving the message and placing along the path.  Like life itself, we can experience this evolution within the labyrinth and I can guarantee you will see lots of bees, experience nature and smell the sweet aroma of our ever-changing, beautiful country side.

The message is simple, be kind to others by writing a message on a stone and leaving as a gift.


Exam results!

Busy bees

The summer for Gwylan is all about connection and action, doing the things we want with the people we care, in the places we love.  We feel it’s important to honour these times by taking a pause to celebrate and soak up the finer details of life – The sunshine, blue skies, aromas of the sweet air, the ever-changing sounds of nature and the often diverse and changing environment.

“adjust to a new sense of balance”

What is for sure in these special moments of clarity and contentment, we guarantee there will be change (particularly in the Welsh weather).  One moment is never the same and this perspective can give a fresh outlook of your surroundings. The idea of moving constantly with each breath, a continuous cycle of birth and rebirth…

Like the bees that pick up the sweet nectar,  adjusting to a new sense of balance, carrying a weight which will collectively support the hive.  Without this chance to embrace change the bee would fall from the sky possibly losing track with the bigger picture, pre-occupied by the past, it would lose its direction and therefore the bees’ changing moment.  We can also relate this to our lives and how much, as humans, we are adapting and constantly evolving to the changes in life.  Humans, like the bees, are truly magnificent and constantly in a state of flux. We all have this amazing power of adaptability but we can only notice if we take the moment and take notice, connecting consciously with our true being.


For the young, this time of change is the end of secondary education, a commuting to a crossroads on options and change, anticipating exam results but also an opportunity to pause and to learn new skills and experiences but most importantly, taking the time to pause, saying goodbye to the old and inviting the new, the gap between the breath, a change happening around you and in your life.

      “taking the time to pause”

Yes, we agree this can be an area of uncertainty but what we do is create a space that has no expectation and competition, a sanctuary for you to focus purely on what well-being means to you.   See yourself as the flight attendants on a journey – sit back and enjoy and we’ll make the environment comfortable and attend to your needs.


During our well-being days, we provide a set of principle that applied will support your well-being but what we do differently is to focus on how individually we achieve throughout our own personal life and can apply this to our employment, college and personal relationships.

Peter Kay is a yoga teacher, passionate about wellbeing in all areas of society.  He currently supports and engages with young people considering options post 16.

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