Saib a Symud

PausePoints is now available in Welsh.  Saib a Symud has been taken to new heights through Siân’s linguistic and pedagogical expertise.  Siân is passionate about the benefits of yoga in all areas of society.  To find out more about Siân’s incredible work and to see how Saib a Symud can raise standards in children’s oracy and well-being contact us on or download the free information booklet here

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Mae Saib a Symud nawr ar gael yn Gymraeg, wedi ei fireinio gan arbennigedd ieithyddol a phedagogaidd Siân. Teimlai’n gryf am fanteision ioga ym mhob agwedd a rhan o gymdeithas. I ddarganfod mwy am waith anghygoel Siân ac i weld sut gall Saib a Symud godi safonau llafaredd plant (a’u iechyd a lles), cysylltwch â ni ar neu lawrlwytho llyfryn gwybodaeth yma.

Pwyswch yma am fwy o wybodaeth am Siân.




Well-being Matters at University

It was great to be part of the well-being day at Swansea University, recently. John Likeman, a class teacher for many years, has a passion for developing Values Vocabulary within the learning environments.

“Poor well-being is a common issue today and I have found this session engaging and interesting and very fitting for today’s society.”  – PGCE student 


John’s 2-hour lecture was in three parts:

Firstly, addressing Values, the important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared in our schools about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable. School Values have a major influence on pupils’ behavior and attitude and serve as map, guiding us through daily situations and signposting our routes to learning. John went on to demonstrate through various tasks and original video footage how a true understanding of values can only evolve through extensive input into developing a values vocabulary.


“I think the service you have provided today has been absolutely amazing.” – PGCE student 


Secondly, a study of the NEF Five Ways to Well-being, proven guidelines which are essential for all areas of society to remain well. John showed showed why learning facilitators should seek opportunities for children to connect, keep learning, be active, take notice and give something back during each and every school day.


Finally, John validated the use of PausePoints © GwylanUK Ltd, to provide structured opportunities to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being in schools, while cultivating inner peace and awareness.


“John instils a positive sense of self and more broadly, of life. A very compelling speaker.” – PGCE student 

The feedback from the students was so positive and we are already planning further opportunities to work alongside the University of Wales.

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Competition winner


The Gwylan team had a lovely day in Oxfordshire where they presented the winning primary school with their yoga mats.
After much discussion and deliberation it was decided to award Harwell Community School with the fifteen yoga mats and a complimentary yoga session.  Harwell’s thoughtful letter really touched the team, with everyone feeling that the children will put the resources to good use.


Well being

During our visit, we were shown around the school, meeting the learning ambassadors from each class.  Gwylan was impressed to see that physical well being is high on the agenda at Harwell. Outdoor learning is part of everyday life and they even had their very own swimming pool, which is also used by the wider community outside school hours.


The day was rounded off with a complimentary yoga session, with pupils enjoying the benefits of yoga in the school day. Peter was happy to answer any questions from the children, following the relaxation session. Gwylan would like to especially thank Jane Moreton, Nicola Roberts and Year 5 pupils and staff for their enthusiasm and warmth.


So, a great big ‘Thank you!’ to all the schools that took the time and trouble to enter the competition: we were touched by the amount of heartfelt letters we received and only sorry that there couldn’t have been more winners, this time.  If you are interested in future competitions, please visit our social media pages for more details.

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