PausePoints launched

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The Gwylan team had a lovely day out, meeting the staff and children at Sea View Community Primary School.

Film made on our recent visit – Music from Verdisa

School for the community

We came away from the day feeling we had made new friends and were particularly impressed with the level of wellbeing across the school.  It was great to see children having such a varied and balanced education experience: we particularly enjoyed seeing the children playing around the blossom tree, touching and learning about nature and their own senses. The panoramic views of the beautiful Swansea coastline were also breathtaking and we were made to feel very much at home in this welcoming, friendly school.


Emotional and mental well being

During the fun day, we visited all the classes in the school, demonstrating how the children can experience 6-12 minutes of mindful movement, breath-breaks and relaxation in the classroom.  Yoga has been linked to the latest research in well being, with more and more evidence suggesting that breaks taken during the day, particularly with movement, has a long-term effect with regards to concentration, productivity and overall physical, emotional and mental well being.  To conclude our visit, we met with the teachers who then received the interactive resources and had their own session to relax at the end of their first day back after Easter holiday.


This calming resource, using the framework of yoga, will support further wellbeing in the school. Children  will take home these new and lifelong skills to parents and friends in the community.  This collaboration will unite, recharge and reconnect, using the NEF evidence-based ‘five ways to well being’ to promote and empower healthy communities.


The Gwylan team would like to thank Seaview Primary School, NUT Cymru, Prospect and PCS Cymru for making this truly worthwhile and exciting collaboration possible.

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