PausePoints helps younger students in primary schools to focus and engage with their studies

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PausePoints gives aid to secondary school students to de-stress and build resiliance in the classroom

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PausePoints provides stress relief, increased harmony and stronger relationships within your business.

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At Home

Our PausePoints At Home techniques help both parents & children to relax and bond together through yoga.

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The Five Gwylan Values

They are our foundation; the solid base to who we are – like the nest in the cliff: a haven at the heart of community!
Freedom, Creativity, Togetherness, Kindness, Responsibility to self and others.

These values are the foundation of our existence and our approach to well-being. Our Five values are our beacon and have been guiding ‘Gwylan’ throughout our journey. We believe everyone has the freedom to fly high, and every day, we do our best to put our values into action through our work and our relationships with our customers, business partners, communities and each other.

Gwylan was inspired by a sense of caring and compassion for society and was co-created by Peter Kay and John Likeman. The team have a considerable range and depth of experience in working with people of all ages in a variety of demographics.

Evidence increasingly shows that embracing well-being impacts positively in our diverse society. Children learn better when they are at ease and productivity increases when workers are at peace with themselves and their work.

We are committed to sharing everything that we have learnt and developed over the years: we believe that this fundamentally supports our intention to catalyse a meaningful shift in the field of social change.