PausePoints – a whole-school wellbeing solution

Used by thousands of children and schools, PausePoints creates short moments of calm using 3-minute yoga sessions. Tested by universities and rated as best practice by the inspectorate, PausePoints has improved the wellbeing of our Future Generations. This multi-platform resource, including training, offers incredible value at £1498 + VAT.

Sleeping Lions – a biometric, cCBT behaviour and anxiety solution.

Sleeping Lions is a revolutionary new tool to teach children how to quickly calm themselves, when they are emotionally overwhelmed, and improve their wellbeing.

This cCBT (Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) device uses a specially-created app on a dedicated tablet, twinned with an activity monitor wristband. The app guides the child to lower their heart rate, quickly calming the user down. As the child calms and their heart rate lowers, the app’s lion character (Tom), also relaxes and falls asleep; so the user learns how to calm down quicker in order to make Tom fall asleep faster.

Sleeping Lions has undergone national university trials. It was found that the device was effective at helping children learn to calm themselves quickly without leaving the classroom. Teachers found it improved the mood and behaviour of their pupils, particularly those children who struggle to manage their emotions or behaviour.

Complete biometric kits including tablet, activity monitor, charger and back pack cost £1498 + VAT.


Gwylan’s consultants work in schools throughout the UK and internationally – through consultancy, inset, in-house and on-line training. Gwylan has a number of consultants, who totally understand wellbeing and how schools work – this keeps our specialists sharp and focused on what it is that makes a difference.

All Gwylan’s consultancies are bespoke and tailored to meet the needs outlined by the client. This might be a one-off consultancy or a series of visits or support over a period of time. 

Many schools are not sure what support they want – this is fine.  From experience, we know that by talking through your needs we will be able to work with you to ensure you get the right support. 

Contact Gwylan by telephone: 01646 629090, email at or fill out the enquiry form on our contact page. 

About Us

Gwylan Logo

We’ve all been given the most advanced piece of equipment in the world – the human brain—but no instructions on how to get the best from it.   

If we were taught how to manage our brains, bodies and emotions more effectively, a good proportion of us would have better lives—with fewer problems around mental health and relationships, and the ability to better deal with stress and improve our concentration. 

Our founder, John, spent 20 years as a teacher experiencing this firsthand in the classroom.  He saw what did (and didn’t) help increase his pupils’ well-being, and how difficult it was turning academic research on well-being into concrete actions he could take in class.   

So he formed Gwylan, and brought together teachers, psychologists, yoga and well-being experts and product designers to do just this.  We create easy-to-use tools that teach children and adults how to understand and manage their emotions, work through negative feelings, calm themselves and increase their well-being.   

John Likeman

John Likeman is the founder of Gwylan UK. Decades of outstanding work in schools, colleges and contributions to national curriculum culminated in John being made a fellow at Oxford University. His experience and academic research into wellbeing led to the development of PausePoints and Sleeping Lions.


Phil Okwedy is a performance storyteller and myth-maker who tells tales that are deep and direct, playful and poignant, gleeful and grave. Phil brings to Gwylan his
knowledge of how to improve emotional wellbeing through language and storytelling.

As a former primary school teacher, he specialised in facilitating philosophical enquiry into the collective wisdom that is to be found in the world’s oral storytelling traditions. Recently, in partnership with Dr Steve Killick, he has developed Feelings are Funny Things – A Programme for Exploring Feelings, Thinking and Acting using Stories and Storytelling.

Dewi Roberts

Dewi is Gwylan’s Welsh-medium adviser and translator.

Since 2012, he has worked as a freelance educational consultant and his areas of expertise include the translation, editing and proofing of educational materials to be published through the medium of Welsh. Currently, Dewi is also an Ambassador and validated trainer for British Council and an external verifier and mentor of newly qualified teachers for GwE.

He has recently worked on projects for British Council and OVEC in Thailand, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, London, Alphaplus, Manchester and many projects in Wales including for Welsh Government (and previously ACCAC), Arts Council of Wales, Techniquest and Tinopolis to name only a few.

Dewi’s previous posts include Senior Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool, senior lecturer at Liverpool Hope University, primary science teacher-adviser for Clwyd LA as well as headteacher of two schools in North Wales.

From 2012 to 2019, he was a partner in Think Learn Challenge, an education company based in South Wales. During this period he led training courses for senior managers and teachers in various locations throughout Wales.


Rhyd Owen is a project manager and corporate planner, with a background in helping startup businesses grow and scale.

Rhyd’s role is to show schools in the UK and internationally how Gwylan’s products can help their pupils. He also leads the back-office work at Gwylan, keeping the company running smoothly.

With degrees in law and classical music, Rhyd spent over a decade working at the interface between the NHS and academia. This included helping NHS organisations develop new products, start new businesses and manage intellectual property, as well as helping Universities use their research to improve NHS services.


Dr Simon Johns has been part of the Gwylan team for many years. An internationally recognised authority on pedagogical wellbeing, Simon has led the research and development of adolescent mental, whole school resources.


Marie Faire brings decades of learning and coaching expertise to Gwylan, helping make our products more effective in schools and at home.

Gwylan’s purpose is to find the best research-based ways of improving wellbeing and mental health, then create really effective ways of teaching them to children, young people and schools. Marie’s expertise in how to transfer and embed knowledge and skills is an essential part of this.

Following her first degree, Marie has gained several postgraduate qualifications including a Masters degree (MA) in Management Learning. She is an Accredited Professional Executive Coach and an Accredited Coaching Supervisor.

She is also lead trainer on Accredited Coach training and Accredited Coaching Supervisor training programmes and is an ANLP recognised ‘Master’ NLP trainer. Marie is currently exploring the latest research on the human brain, memory, perception, and learning.

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